Atta Otigba constantly straddles the thin line between actively writing and producing for other artists and being one himself: and he's quickly built a reputation as something of a go-to man in Lagos and Abuja artist circles, doing exactly that. Otigba has crafted albums for some of Nigeria's best kept secrets (Lindsey Abudei, Bem Yoda) – and till now, he's been something of a closely guarded one himself, managing to remain just enigmatic enough to match his own, often cinematic, indie folk tinged, somewhat plot driven songwriting.

Otigba's latest release, Carousel, spins an intricately woven tale, equal parts mysterious and mesmeric, invoking epic themes, oriental lore and frequently employing deft sleight of hand to momentarily replace reality with fantasy. Orchestral and ambient elements swirl around a single minimalist, recurring riff to form the textured backdrop for Carousel's central theme: that ‘it never ends.’